West Haven man pleads not guilty in brother’s shooting death

Jun 20 2012 - 9:48am


Cameron Bryce Charlton
Cameron Bryce Charlton

NEPHI  -- The lawyer for a 27-year-old West Haven man charged in the shooting death of his teenage brother says her client is a man of character and is grief-stricken about the boy's death.

Eric Charlton pleaded not guilty Tuesday to a second-degree felony count of manslaughter and misdemeanor counts of reckless endangerment and carrying a dangerous weapon under the influence of alcohol.

His 17-year-old brother, Cameron, was shot in the head on May 28 while camping with family and friends at Yuba Lake State Park in Juab County.

Court documents say the two brothers and a friend were drinking around a campfire at about 3 a.m. when Eric Charlton began demonstrating firearm techniques and his .45-caliber handgun went off.

Attorney Susanne Gustin says the shooting was "absolutely an accident."




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