LDS Dems call for day of fasting, prayer for nation

Nov 27 2012 - 12:24pm


Democratic donkey
Democratic donkey

SALT LAKE CITY -- The LDS Dems Caucus, an official caucus of the Utah Democratic Party, announced "A Day of Fasting and Prayer" to be held Sunday, Dec. 2. The fast is a response to the recent election.

LDS Dems' statement is available to read here: and reads, "We are concerned about the future of our country, as are most Americans. In this season when we have chosen new leaders for our nation and our communities, and in the spirit of following the counsel of the [LDS Church's] First Presidency, we would like to encourage our fellow Latter-day Saints, and all Americans of good will, to join us in fasting and prayer on December 2nd for our country."

The fast was envisioned by the executive committee of the LDS Dems. The statement was written by LDS Democrats Vice Chair Steve Olsen who said, "With this fast, we join Church leaders in calling for civility, compromise, and mutual respect in the public sphere. We believe that the recent statement on the election from the First Presidency, as well as Section 134 of the Doctrine and Covenants contain important guidelines for America's political leaders and citizens. The gracious letter from the First Presidency congratulating President Obama the day after the election, which had kind words for both candidates, surely sets an example for the rest of us to follow."

In their statement, the LDS Dems Caucus asks its members to consider the following in their fast: "We would like to thank our Heavenly Father for the great privilege of living in America. Express thanks to the Lord and ask His blessings to be on candidates for political office, regardless of political affiliation or who won or lost. Pray that America's citizens will take their responsibility seriously to thoughtfully and prayerfully study the issues and engage with their elected leaders on finding fair, common sense solutions to the problems facing our nation. Plead with the Lord that our newly elected leaders will be inspired to approach their great responsibilities with humility, hard work and respect for others, especially those with differing political views. Help all Americans to render proper respect to those we have chosen to lead us, regardless of whom they personally voted for - and help those so chosen to earn that respect. Finally, we would pray that our newly elected leaders would be prompted to have special care toward those who are most vulnerable among us; our children, people with disabilities, the sick, and those suffering temporary economic distress during these difficult times."

Vice Chair Olsen concluded, "Given that a fellow Latter-day Saint was just defeated in a hard-fought election for President, we believe Latter-day Saints are in a unique position to lead the nation in healing the divisiveness that has plagued our nation the last few years. We hope this special fast might be a starting point."



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