Accused deer poachers arraigned in Brigham City

Feb 25 2014 - 2:02pm


BRIGHAM CITY -- A father and daughter were arraigned on poaching charges after a state Division of Wildlife Resources investigation.

The pair, from out of state, is accused of shooting a deer last Sept. 15 without proper permits.

"Defendant's daughter was passing though Utah and stopped to see defendant and her family that was hunting," reads a 1st District Court charging document.

"Because she did not think she would have time to hunt, defendant's daughter told defendant not to get her a license," wrote Kip King, state conservation officer who investigated the case. "Nevertheless, defendant went hunting with his daughter and she shot a deer."

Mark Boardman, 53, of Port Orchard, Wash., and Beth Boardman, 26, of San Diego, Calif., did not appear for Monday's arraignment. But their lawyer, Brigham City defense attorney Jack Molgard, stood for them and asked for setting of a preliminary hearing on the charges, which Judge Ben Hadfield allowed for April 8.

Both are charged with one count of wanton destruction of protected wildlife with a value less than $500, a class A misdemeanor, and various permit violations, Mark Boardman accused of giving the daughter his tag for her deer.

He is also charged with transporting the illegally taken deer, which the DWR's King said he acknowledged, but not the other charges. "Defendant admitted that he transported the deer for his daughter."

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