Rescuers retrieve injured snowmobiler near Monte Cristo

Mar 7 2014 - 6:38pm


HUNTSVILLE -- Search and rescue teams retrieved a man who broke his leg snowmobiling Friday morning near Monte Cristo Peak.

The man was snowmobiling when he suffered a lower leg break, police said. The man's snowmobile didn't crash, police said, but he may have been standing and putting extra pressure on his left leg when the snowmobile made heavy contact with the ground. 

He was with a large group of other snowmobilers who called in saying they needed help transporting him out of the area. Rescue crews rode snowmobiles out to the man's location about four miles from the main road.

Most of the county's search and rescue team were either training or recreating in the area, said Weber County Sgt. Wayne Smith, making for a quick response. 

Weber County Sheriff's Office spokesman Lane Findlay said the snowmowbile group of the search and rescue team train near that area on Fridays.

"It's fortunate they were so close by," Findlay said. 

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