Band of teens with Utah roots bring show to Ogden

May 1 2014 - 3:08pm


Beyond 5
Beyond 5

Beyond 5, a self-described boy band with Utah roots, hopes to earn new fans at Ogden High School's auditorium tonight.

The band has already made lots of friends on the other side of the globe, with a 2013 debut album, and an Asian tour last summer that had them doing 27 shows in 30 days.

The group includes Ammon Tuimaualuga, 17, of Long Beach, Calif., and Tanner Myler, 19, of Eagle, Idaho, as well as three members with Utah roots. T.J. Ryan, 16, is from Salt Lake City. Zac Love, 19, was born in San Antonio, Texas, but relocated to the Clearfield/Layton area a few years ago and attended Clearfield High School. Patch Crowe of Brisbane, Australia, moved to Utah at 11, and has lived in Springville and Saratoga Springs. Crowe also has grandmothers who reside in Ogden.

All the boys now share a house in Nashville. Crowe and Love called in form Provo, Utah, where the band is currently in rehearsals.

Come together

The quintet did not even know each other before joining the singing group.

The band was formed by songwriter/producer Tyler Castleton and his co-writer and business partner, Russ Dixon. They chose their final five of Beyond 5 after a five-month search and auditioning hundreds of young men.

Love, who was involved with his senior year, the captain of his school soccer team, and a student in the International Baccalaureate program, did it almost as a lark, after his mom spotted an ad in the paper. His original audition group also included Ryan and Crowe. Ryan and Love made that initial cut. Crowe did not.

"I was disappointed," said Crowe, who, unlike Love, had music as his first and longtime love, performing in every community theater and school production part that he could land.

"This was important to me, something I wanted to do," said Crowe. "But I knew if I was going to be in this business, there would be disappointments, so I had decided to go on to the next thing. And then they called me back."

Vocal chemistry

For five guys who had never met, much less performed together, the chemistry proved remarkable.

"It was way easier than I thought it would be," said Love. "Random guys thrown together? But it was weird how we clicked from the very beginning. After a couple weeks it felt like we'd known each other all our lives. We lived together in Provo for a couple of months before we left for Asia, and now we all live together in Nashville. So, we are basically like brothers." Love laughed. "We spend more time together than a lot of old married couples do. It is great to have four best friends everywhere. It would be hard to go it alone, at our ages especially."

Asia and beyond

The tour the band did of Asia was set up before the group was. Producer Castleton's parents were serving a mission there for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and they were asked about musical performances to go along with firesides and other LDS events.

Said Love: "It was amazing. None of us had ever done anything remotely like that."

Crowe said, "Nine countries, 30 days, 27 shows, 17 plane trips -- nobody get to do that. Just to be able to see all those countries and cultures? It was mind-blowing. There is so much to talk about. When we sit down and reminisce, it seems a lifetime ago. Those first three months of being a band, the only thing we did, every waking second, was prepare for Asia. And then we were like, 'What do we do now?'"

Now is the time to take on the states, and the world. The boys are hard at work polishing a new show with some new songs and steps, and creating material for a follow up album.

Said Crowe: "The goal is to get out and play as many shows, and get seen by as many people, as we can. We've done hours and hours of work, creating the and polishing the product. Now our goal is to sell it. We need as many connection, as many shows, as possible. And that is what we are doing."

They hope to fill Ogden High Auditorium with superfans, new fans, and, of course, Utah friends and family.

"I am really excited to get to perform for some of my friends and family, especially people who might know me best as a soccer player," said Love. "I think they'll be surprised -- and in a good way."

Crowe added, "My grandmas better be at this show." He laughed, then added, "They not coming, we'd have some words!"

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  • WHAT: Beyond 5
  • WHEN: 7 p.m. today, May 2
  • WHERE: Ogden High School, 2828 Harrison Blvd., Ogden
  • TICKETS: $15, $30/VIP, available at 


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